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Lacquered Glass Shutters

21/11/2013 12:43
We are pleased to announce the addition of Lacquered Glass Shutters as a new option for modular kitchens, wardrobes and other units. These shutters lend an extremely modern look to your furniture and are available in a wide range of colors. Visit us to know more!

Small kitchens need not be disappointing!

16/09/2012 19:49
There are ways to make your small kitchen full of utility and storage space. Check out the latest article in our InTrends section!

Remodel your kitchen without spending much!

01/08/2012 22:25
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Introducing Chandraneel DESiGN STUD!O

18/07/2012 23:48
Presenting Chandraneel DESiGN STUD!O, featuring some of the finest interior and furniture ideas from across the globe. Clients, Architects, Interior designers as well as others can benefit from our ideabooks for their design projects. The ideabooks will be constantly updated - so do keep...

6 Interesting & Exciting Workstations From All Over The World!

11/07/2012 21:33
Suppose you have a long thesis paper that you need to write for school, or you have a number of reports that need to be finished for work, or you just have a lot of computer-related activities to do. Would you rather do all of that in a ragged room of splintering walls, chipped paint, and moldy...

Schedule a site visit online!

07/04/2012 15:16
For added convenience to our customers, we are pleased to announce the ability schedule a site visit online! Just fill our online form and we shall get back to you! 

Unique combination of creativity and customization !

17/02/2012 12:13
Chandraneel presents yet another innovation keeping in line with its philoshopy of letting customers having complete flexibity in designing their furniture. Now you have the option of printing ANY design / photo of your choice directly on shutters / glass ! Choose to print photos of...

Clearance Sale - Upto 50% off!

03/11/2011 15:51
We are giving away our display furniture for discounts extending upto 50%! The items on sale include modular kitchens, wardrobes, study stations and shoe racks. Rush now to make sure that you don't miss this exciting opportunity !

Modular Kitchens from Rs 49,999!

25/10/2011 12:47
This festive season experience the joy of cooking! We have slashed our prices and the most economical modular kitchen comes for Rs 49,999 only. Browse the various options here and plan a visit to our showroom. Your dream kitchen is not a dream anymore ! 

Introducing Stainless Steel Shutters

25/10/2011 12:13
We are pleased to announce an innovative product for our clients - Stainless Steel Shutters for kitchens and other home furniture applications. These shutters add to the elegance of your furniture and are a creative way of highlighting a particular section of cabinetry. What's more, these...